TIRA is the perfect choice for your _______ needs.

TIRA accumulated “experience” and excellent “track record” in the range of products and services it provides, has been earned from its recognition as an efficient business that offers high quality, quick delivery, and competitive prices.

As an ever growing hub that provides an excellent product line, TIRA has built a wide client base serving several industries that require refrigeration units such as the frozen foods, dairy products and pharmaceutical industries. The Company offers mobile refrigeration products that fit the needs of all of its customers ranging from small to large refrigeration units (0.5 tons to 10 tons).

Being the sole and exclusive agent for HwaSung Thermo Co. Ltd, a deep-rooted and specialized manufacturing company in the industry of mobile refrigeration units in Korea, TIRA has proven itself in the market through the procurement of new technologies and integration of efficient service practices.

Headquartered in Riyadh, TIRA has branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in Jeddah and Dammam. Through these branches, TIRA maintains its continued follow up and after sales services, which in return ensures customer satisfaction.

With more than 30 qualified professional employees combined with superlative managerial expertise, TIRA is poised to provide its customers with excellence, care, and continuity.

Engineering & Quality

TIRA with its qualified and trained employees is committed to provide the best quality products and solutions available worldwide, with the most reliable technical and logistic services.

TIRA has the commitment to its customers by providing the highest quality products and services, our quality control procedures are continuously updated to match any expected markets demands for the highest quality products and services.

TIRA meets customers satisfaction by providing the most cost effective solutions, operations and after sales services programs which suit all customers specification requirements and conditions.

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