TIRA GULF TRADING is a leading multi-activity engineering solutions provider, involved in water/wastewater treatment, refrigeration, speciality chemicals manufacturing and chemical trading.

TIRA GULF TRADING is fully committed to improving our products quality through innovative technologies, at the most economical means, compatible with the environment anywhere in the world, extending beyond geographical and cultural boundaries, and using and maintaining the most up-to-date advanced technologies to restore the environment.
We have built a proven record of success for a wide range of domestic, Industrial and governmental clients by providing solutions for their Water/Wastewater plant and chemical problems, refrigeration needs and mining/fertilizers chemical additives requirements.

We are committed to using professional high qualified staff and specialists combined with flexibility and availability to utilize changing and challenging environment.

As an engineering company TIRA GULF TRADING has the experience, qualifications and ability to design, manufacture, supply, install, commission, operate, apply and maintain our superior systems, processes and chemicals.