For small and medium trucks under 12㎥ with frozen products up to 20㎥ with fresh products. HT-500 II series are reliable, cost efficient units with high air flow and excellent performances.
Models available
· HT-500 II : Front mounted condenser with slim ceiling evaporator operated by vehicle engine
· HT-500ESC :Front mounted condenser with slim ceiling evaporator operated by vehicle engine or electric standby motor
system components
· Condenser
· Evaporator
· Engine driven compressor
· Installation kits
· In-cab control box
Cooling Capacity (R-404a)



0℃ 5,931 watts 4,744 watts
-10℃ 4,316 watts 3,452 watts
-18℃ 2,874 watts 2,299 watts
Refrigeration cooling capacity at 30 ambient under ATP standards
· HFC R-134a or R-404a Chlorine zero

Compressor(engine driven)
· Model : Seltec TM-16HS
· Cylinders : 6
· Displacement : 163cc

· Automatic hot gas defrost initiated and terminated by cab controller
Evaporator airflow volume
· 2,300m³/h by four fans 250mm diameter
DC Voltage option 12Vdc or 24Vdc
AC Voltage option(HT-500ESC only)
· 220/240/380/415V AC, 3Phase, 50/60hz with 3HP
· HT-500 II Condenser : 37kg
· HT-500ESC Condenser : 133kg
· Evaporator(standard 3fan type) : 31kg
· Evaporator(ceiling slim 2fan type) : 34kg


Size(mm) Height Width Depth
Condenser(HT-500 II) 395 1,120 496
Condenser(HT-500ESC) 430 1,320 556
Evaporator(Slim 4Fans type) 170 1,530 682
Evaporator(STD 2Fan type) 347 1,246 521
In-Cab controller 48 105 75

Optional Features
· Oil Separator: It prevent the coil flow to the system and keep certain amount of oil in the compressor. It protects the compressor and system
· Air conditioner combined system: Cab air conditioning and refrigeration unit are operated by one compressor at the same time. Refrigeration unit should be used for fresh product only.
· Heating system: when the ambient is lower than the temperature in the truck body then, heating system[hot gas, hot water & electric coil] is used to protect the products from frozen.