• Maximum cooling performance for trailer unit in the same class
  • Clean and slim condenser design satisfied even for Europe(width 430mm)
  • Two evaporator turbo fans maximized the air volume
  • Durable poly belt drive system maximizes the belt life and better accessibility
  •  Advanced tension pulley for automatic adjustment
  • HS Thermo exclusive inner structure for easy maintenance and service
  • High capacity oil system with 20litre oil pan reduced maintenance cost
0℃ 14,400 watts 11,500 watts
-18℃ 8,000 watts 6,300 watts


Model: Yanmar Diesel Engine 4TNV88-NHT (made in Japan)
Number of cylinders  : 4
Displacement : 2,190 cc

Bock FKX40-470TK (made in Germany)
Number of cylinders  : 4
Displacement : 466 cc
Oil charge : 2.6ℓ

17HP(12.7kW), Powerful and reliable AC motor
220V/380V/415, 3Phase, 50/60Hz

Automatic hot gas defrost initiation & termination by microprocessor
Automatic defrost initiation with Air Switch

HFC R-404A(Chlorine zero)
Refrigerant charge : 11kg

Discharge  Velocity :   20m/s
Airflow volume     : 5,500㎥/h